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Crystal stud earrings, Crystal chandelier earrings, Crystal ball pendant

Crystal stud earrings, Crystal chandelier earrings, Crystal ball pendant

If you are seeking an inexpensive but eye catching way to punch up an otherwise dull outfit, crystal stud earrings may be just what you’re searching for. Woman have vested interest in jewellery for centuries giving them the appeal of being more fashionable, unique and sophisticated.

Crystal stud earrings offer a striking display of glitter and sparkle without taking the attention away from the other areas of your outfit, allowing you to create a well rounded look. Another great bonus about these type of earrings is the enormous bling factor which is sure to excite young females, with a multitude of colours they are create the option to accentuate certain features of your look, or by switching colours you may choose to offer the attention to other areas of yourself such as clothing, dress or hair.

Crystal chandelier earrings

If you wanted to add an elemental of class while hinting at a slight vintage look, crystal chandelier earrings offer a dazzling display of crystals that gleam multiple colours that are sure to demand attention. Hand crafted from high quality Australian crystals and semi-precious stones these earrings immediately put thoughts of elegance, class and sophistication in whoever the individual they catch the eye of.

Crystal ball pendant

If you could imagine having a miniature disco ball hanging from your neck with a sparkle that could light up the whole room with it, look no further then a crystal ball pendant featuring crystallized swarovski elements, 18 inch silver chain with the spring ring clasp included these pendants are the perfect gifts for a young lady or teenager considering the price being relatively low but high enough to ensure you’re not getting jewellery that will just break on the first wear.

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