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Cuff made from precious metals

Cuff made from precious metals

Cuffs are the big, new fashion accessory this season, so new, in fact, that when searching for images of the latest designer jewellery cuff bracelets, more than a few leather studded and red silk handcuffs decorated with caribou feathers appeared on the screen!

These are more in the line of ‘playtime handcuffs’ than the cool designer jewellery, I was actually looking for!

Make a statement

Designer jewellery cuffs are real statement bracelets, but it is for you to decide exactly what fashion statement you want to make. Once again, the ultra-cool boutiques selling women’s designer jewellery online have provided us with lots of styles to choose from.

This means anyone can be totally on-trend, without having to change their preferred fashion style at all.

Summer fun

Vintage fabric, made into cute ‘arts and crafts’ designer jewellery cuffs is very popular for a young look that’s perfect for a day at the beach or a summer barbecue. Many of the prettiest cuffs combine different fabrics and textures, bringing together flowery cotton, velvet ribbon and perhaps a touch of lace to finish it off.

This type of contemporary designer jewellery is based on vintage style plus recycling and with buttons or brooches added for decoration, it is very eco-chic. This also ties in well with the popular boho-style summer trousers and hippy-style floaty summer dresses, as well as jeans, tee-shirts, shorts and bikinis!

Evening sophistication

For a more sophisticated look with a simply cut, plain evening gown or cocktail dress, take a look at the cuffs made with tiny beads arranged to form contrasting geometric patterns. This style is very urban hip and perfect for adding a touch of contemporary edge to your wardrobe for just a few dollars.

And for those who have more to spend, why not browse the individual design studios which specialise in retailing hand-made designer jewellery online. You can choose from existing cuff designs made from precious metals, gemstones and pearls, or work with a designer to create custom-made designer jewellery that is totally exclusive to you!

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