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Fossil Coral Jewelry

Fossil Coral Jewelry

I ordered some fossil coral beads several months ago because I really liked the look of them. Today I finally made some bracelets and earrings with the beads, and it's made me appreciate them all the more.

From a distance, the beads look rather plain with shades of rust, beige, cream, and gray. But take a closer look, and you see the intricate designs unique to each bead.

Fossil corals are the fossilized remains of ancient coral reefs, and the intricate pattern of a fossil coral is determined by the  species of coral that became fossilized. Over time, the ancient coral was gradually replaced with agate. The fossilized coral appears as small, flower-like designs on the stone.

So when you wear fossil coral jewelry, you are wearing a piece of ancient history. And because of the muted colors of the coral, you have a piece of jewelry that will go with most of your wardrobe.

Check our our site to see all of our fossil coral jewelry as well as our other Ready-Made Jewelry items. You can also use our Bracelet Builder or Earring Builder to create your own unique jewelry.

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