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Healing Power of Stones


This stone has the power to calm the nerves and to add stability to your life. It stimulates the intellect and the body's self-healing abilities. Amber has been used for self-confidence, courage and motivation.


It stimulates greater love. Is one of the best stones to use for meditation since it eases mental anxieties and brings peace. It reduces anger and impatience; increases intuition and memory.


Balances both sides of the brain to awaken intuition, awareness and communication. It is considered a sacred stone and is used to connect to spirit guides.


Carnelian is stone of luck and opportunity. It awakens talent and creative visualization, protects from negative emotions and inspires courage, confidence and acceptance. It increases physical and sexual energy.


Known as the "Garden of the sea". Coral symbolizes life and blood force energy. It brings joy, happiness and peace. It facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization.



Known as the "sunshine stone". Citrine is good for mental discipline and greater control over emotions. It cultivates happiness, confidence, security, spiritual growth and abundance.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the most powerful multi-purpose healing stone. Increases intuition and insight, enhances awareness and spiritual growth. Clear Quartz amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations.


Garnet is a stone of love, health and devotion. This magical stone stimulates the imagination, improves self confidence and increases courage. It is associated with passion, stamina, creative inspiration, sensuality and self-confidence.


This powerful good luck and prosperity charm boosts the body's self-healing powers, improving vitality, wisdom and peace. It generates divine unconditional love, emotional balance and harmony.


Kayanite is an excellent stone for meditation. It stimulates vivid dreams, creative expressions and visualization. It encourages speaking one's truth and releases energy blockages.

Lapis Lazuli

Very useful for those who seek spiritual development. It brings mental clarity, emotional healing and enhances judgment and wisdom. It assists with creative expression, intuition and self-confidence.


This powerful stone clears, balances and protects the aura. It provides mental illumination and strengthens intuition and psychic abilities. It also attracts inspiration, self-confidence and success.


It represents the Great Mother Goddess. Moonstone symbolizes re-birth, new beginnings, peace and harmony. It is said to foster nurturing, spiritual insight and ancient wisdom.



It clears the heart chakra, strengthening your life force, growth and openness. Peridot heals anger, depression and jealousy and it attracts money.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a very grounding stone of the earth. Its spiritual values are found in ancient female warriors perfectly balancing beauty and bold confident power.

Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of universal love. It strokes the heart into forgiveness, helping the wearer to let o of anger, guilt and jealousy. Rose Quartz promotes inner healing, compassion and peace. It increases personal expression, self-confidence and creativity.

Tiger's Eye

This excellent grounding stone bestows decision-making with clarity, promotes balance and strength. It helps us see the world around us more perceptively and protects from all negativity.


A profound master healer, it improves meditation, peace and creativity. It promotes honest and clear communication from the heart. Turquoise helps you to understand your ones with the universe.

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