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Honest Review about Wedding Brooches for Women

Whenever we hear the term ‘Brooch’ the first thing comes to our mind is a pin that’s used to hold onto a dress or used to hold the hair tight from flowing loose or simply an embellished jewellery. Wedding Brooches was one of oldest bridal accessories. It was called as ‘fibula’ in those days and often spelled as ‘broach’ a homophone that means both to begin a new discussion and to open a cask. It became popular in and trendy in eighteenth century the Victorian period to wear it as a hair brooch or simply clasp it to your dress. As days passed by many brooches were made with remarkable creativity and style. Many incredible Irish Brooches were discovered in 1850 that include penannular brooch and other related pseudo-penannular brooch and also the famous Tara Brooch were formulated in ancient Ireland and Scotland. Now they are displayed in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Actually a brooch is an element or a fragment of jewellery that’s created and designed to attach to our garment or clothing and as days passed by it evolved to be used as hair accessory. Simultaneously brooches of some variety were used for a purpose like to hold the cloak. A typical brooch would have a pin or a clip to get pinned in dress or get clamped on back of your head. Brooches are made basically from alloys of Silver, Gold, Bronze and other metals in different shapes, styles and sizes. They are generally coated or surfaced with some special coloured enamels and embedded with some precious stones or crystals which blinks with a beautiful bright shimmering sparkling effect.


If you think your wedding gown is very simplistic or if you think of adding something interesting to your wedding dress to make it look extra good then you are in the right place. Wedding brooches would bring brilliant elegance to your wedding dress. Even the simple cheap wedding gown looks fabulous with wedding brooches. Sometimes many brides get scared of putting tiny hole in their wedding outfit as they feel it as bad omen or something else. To avoid this issue brooch pins were used! Most often brooches are used as something that people pass it from  generation to generation.

Vintage Brooch is the ever green legendary accessory which clearly describes its  unique delicate floral swag pattern and there’s no harm in making some investment on a collection of this type of brooch. It’s quite popular because of its iconic designer and its hand crafted by skilled designers with great experience.
Sometimes wedding brooches are worn as hair accessory similar to hair pins. Its everlasting distinct beauty shared with your hair style makes you the centre of attraction. Special offers are available online where they provide you with best deals and great discounts. You could find bridal brooches lined with combination Chanelle and Devonshire Rhinestone in a spiral pattern overlapped with glittering crystal leaves. Sometimes Rhinestones are replaced by crystals of Savannah.

However most of the brooches are manufactured for women alone but there are some affordable number of developers gives their effort in designing a special variety of brooches for men.

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