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How to distinguish a fake black pearl

Identify one or a black pearl, according to the following steps.

Step 1: the overall appearance of the Zhulian inspection.

Zhulian detected hands will be the first high Zhulian grip, into a neutral background (Jianhui milk or white) general inspection of the lighting above the necklace of white light from a double tube fluorescent lamps, attention:

1. Due to the shape, size, the same natural pearls are extremely rare string of natural pearls are graded by size, and different in the shape of the bead is usually different. Therefore, if linked by the size of a uniform spherical Zhuguan% of the words, it is likely that a nuclear Zhulian culture.

2. Control color uniformity, cultured pearl necklace color uniformity than natural pearl necklace better color uniformity.

3. "Circle profiling" and "Yuweiwen" Cultured Pearls features.

Step 2: detailed observations determine

First, pearls and internal must be thoroughly bored washing with warm soapy water dip with the soft cloth soft brush to those viscous organic residues, Oil wash, once washed, and dried, and they identified with easy. Fiber in good lighting, can be used 10 times a magnifying glass or microscope to inspect low-fold:

1. Nacre: pay attention to the following elements:

- A "refers to the mother circle profiling"-shaped appearance of the dentate gyrus can, because when natural pearls or cultured pearls broke off the external surface, the surface of the pearl review in the TLC reality is crystal flakes Chalazion the mother-of-pearl. This will be under the magnifying glass in hand to show the appearance of the coating "essence de orient" the structure of imitation pearls great distinction. It was the structure of a smooth like the appearance of low water. And the structure was not such a loose structure for the review to the inner glass, plastic beads or shells on the surface.


- Mother-of-pearl with a thin layer of wax to the surface Fuzhao or observed "Mother means circle profiling"-shaped appearance, this pearl is "laser" black pearl or black pearl coverage.

- Smooth surface, often grinding parabolic with traces of polished beads by the shellfish beads, imitation pearls is a kind.

- Pits in the surface of the pearl has gathered dye staining for the denuclearization cultured pearls.

- There are obviously is natural and semi-Chu-Chu culture of the mosaic beads.

2. Best pearls bored with brightness adjustment path fiber optic lighting, observing:

- Like onion thin layer concentric structure to the natural pearl.

- A white ash to the center of shell beads, shells, beads and black ball Pinctada Martensii layer of a thin layer between brown to black conchyolin the tone for the organic layer, then this is the nuclear plant breeding black pearl.

Black Pearl bored need to carefully test because it is determined Which of the following pearls: natural color of the black pearl, brown to black denuclearization (freshwater) Cultured pearls. Nuclear black cultured pearls, the Black nuclear Cultured pearls, freshwater Black (freshwater nuclear and non-nuclear) Cultured pearls, the irradiation of a nuclear deal with cultured pearls, as well as the so-called black pearl laser treatment.

For example, using certain multiples of a magnifying glass fiber and adjustable lighting on the black pearl test drilling at:

Natural black pearl black thin layer of the onion layer stack structure.

Denuclearization of the black pearl farming and natural black pearls have similar structure, but there may be a size, shape not identified central air-to-air.

Nuclear cultured pearls have a white to gray beads nuclear center, it was first a thin black layer conchyolin parcels, then have a layer thickness of the outer packet volatile black mother-of-pearl layers.


Dyeing nuclear black pearl farming there is a Black and the nuclear black beads nacre.

Irradiation into the nuclear black pearls, is very characteristic, that is the center of a dark color beads nuclear and slightly shallow, white to grey nacre.

"Laser treatment," the denuclearization of the Black Pearl there is a bored bored, and also covered in waxy residue.

No nacre, and has shown a generally thin artificial "essence de orient" layer covering the glass, plastic, beads or shells or hollow glass surface of the ball is imitation pearls.

There is a big hole at the centre, in the string of rope around the holes with a pit in the surface nacre, which is a freshwater nuclear activity (non-nuclear) Cultured pearls, generally believe that China is Biwa beads or beads.

There are two or more of intermittent (probably different colours), it was recently revealed, Chu is a whole layer be stained or "laser treatment," the Chinese freshwater cultured pearls.

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