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How to purchase a good designer jewelry

The very word jewelry excites every woman. With a wide assortment of jewelry doing the rounds, designer jewelry is one of the styles that have become widely famous. When you plan to buy designer jewelry, it is important that you plan every detail. Do not make an impulsive buy that you regret later.

Here is a lowdown on how you can buy designer jewelry in the best possible way.

Features: Prepare a concise list of the features you are looking for in designer jewelry. Make sure that you write down the list on your own, including your personal preferences. Do not get carried away with suggestions from friends and family. Ultimately, you are the one who will invest in the jewelry and wear it.

Thus, it should solely be your choice.

For references, you can browse through different jewelry websites to research on jewelry patterns.

Prioritize: Once you have prepared the list, start prioritizing the features. Rank these features based on their importance – starting from the ones you want the most to the lesser desired features. For instance, antique style jewelry can be your first priority while use of white pearls a second choice.

Jewelry designer: Choose a reliable jewelry designer. Consult with your family, friends and colleagues about the jewelry designers they prefer. Additionally, do backgrounds check of few jewelry designers.  Ask for client details from these designers and if possible inquire with the clients about their experience.


Trust: After you select a jewelry designer, learn to trust him/her. Remember that your jewelry designer is a trained professional and holds comprehensive knowledge of jewelry making. He/she is familiar with all the current trends. Include his/her opinion in the finalization of jewelry designs.

Note that the more you let your designer’s creativity to flow in, the better and artistic will your jewelry be.

Quality: Do not solely judge the jewelry by its appearance. Make sure to examine the colors, design, texture and overall finish of the jewelry. Also, check the authenticity of the gemstones and the metal. The best way to do this is to demand for a quality certificate from the jewelry designer.
Jewelry for Petite woman

If you are a petite woman, it is important for you to consider your weight, height and bone structure while purchasing a designer jewelry. This will prevent you from donning a cluttered look. Here is a guide on how you can choose the best-suited designer jewelry for yourself.

1. Balance: Choose designer jewelry pieces that complement your body frame.

A golden rule of jewelry wearing is not to wear more than three jewelry pieces – necklace, earrings and watch. Note that often your glasses or hair can be considered as an accessory. It is advisable that you keep your overall look simple and subtle. Do not overdo ever.

For example, a petite woman with shoulder length hair can wear small earrings that will complement her face structure. Along with the earrings, she can also go for delicate bracelet and thin lined necklace. The entire look here will be elegant and understated.

2. Necklaces: Necklaces highlight face and neck. You can opt for Y-shaped and V-shaped necklaces that will make your body frame look longer. Do not buy chokers. They will make your body appear shorter.


3. Earrings: They draw the attention to the face. You should choose earrings depending on your face shape.

Round face – go for rectangle shaped earrings and long danglers

Rectangular face – go for larger width earrings

Square face – Go for round earrings

In addition to the face shape, wing styled earrings, geometrical shaped earrings and seashell earrings are best for petite women.

4. Bracelets: Delicate thin bracelets work perfect for petite woman. Choose for several narrow bangles over a thick bracelet.

5. Rings: If you have short fingers, opt for oval shaped rings. For longer fingers, wide rings are good.

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