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How to treat cheap jewelry

For most fashion ladies, It is a great way to beautify their appearance by fashion jewelry. The best look of jewelry not only can beautify the style but also can please their mood. Costume jewelry or fashion jewelry, we also call them as cheap jewelry due to most of them are made by inexpensive material, such as glass, plastic, or gem stone. Unlike some expensive jewelry that may have professional maintenance service, cheap jewelry are only can protected by ourselves if you want to lengten their life.

You need to care them regularly,such as each week or each month. It is very easy for cleaning them, Wipe them with soft cloth, or using a soft brush to remove any dust or debris that might be hiding in crevices or clasps,You also need to check the conditon of the stone, pearl, crystal if they have it. But generally, you only need to clean them with soft cloth so that make them look more bright.

If the jewelry is need to deep clean, first, you can wipe them with mild dish soap. Don't submerging your jewelry completely due to humid environment may cause rust, And you also need to avoid using ultra-sonic cleaners that may damage your jewelry.. Be sure to dry the jewelry with a soft cloth and keep them away from the hard object.


You also can buy some specific cleaner that are best of costume jewelry. When you choosing them, you should be sure there are suitable for your jewelry material. Some costume jewelry can't be cleand by chemical abluent so check the condition of the jewelry first. And also some costume jewelry are packaged with the instruction book for how to clean or storing them, you can do it as those follows.

If you want to extend the life of your jewelry, you should learn what need to avoid. Such as avoid amonia, vinegar, acid and alcohol due to thy may erode your jewelry and make them unavailable. Then you also keep the cosmetics away from the jewelry, like perfume, hair spray, skin milk as they can easily change the polishing of your fashion jewelry. A recommended way is wear the jewelry once you are going to go out and put of them timely when come back. It can minimize the damage. And washing the hands after put of the rings due to moisture can cause rust or pits.

Once take off your fashion jewelry, the important way is put them carefully. Costume jewelry are easily be scratched or damaged by touching with other hard objects. You can store the earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces in the soft bag or box separately.

It is impossible for wearing fashion jewelry in whole life even if with good caring. The jewelry will be fad or tarnish after long timev wearing. Because of cheap price,we can change then easily. So Just need to enjoy them.

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