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Maintenance and repair of jewelry "Wings"

WINGS jewelry designs are made with high quality sterling, gold, plated, gemstone, glass and leather. To keep your investment looking great, polish often with a soft jewelry polish cloth. Do not immerse your designs in sterling liquid jewelry cleaner as it will take the oxidation and detail off many of the ornamental sterling beads and may make the glass beads and gemstones appear “cloudy”. Take your jewelry off at bedtime and do not bathe, shower, or swim with your WINGS designs. Do not expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals. Take care in putting on and taking off your designs as unusual tugging and pulling will stretch the wire on which the designs are strung.


All WINGS designs are made with the highest quality materials. WINGS jewelry is not unlike other high quality jewelry though, it will get damaged under extreme stress or pulling or if the piece is not properly cleaned and maintained. All WINGS original jewelry designs carry an unlimited twelve (12) month warranty. WINGS will restring/repair any piece free of charge one time within the warranty period. A store receipt evidencing the date of purchase will be required and must accompany the bracelet for the warranty to apply. The responsibility for the cost of replacement of any components lost will depend on each unique situation. Please email a description of the repair to the Studio for a repair estimate. No shipping will be charged if the repair is made within the warranty period.

There is a minimum $10 repair fee on all bracelet repairs and $20 for necklace repairs for repairs not falling within the warranty period. In addition to the repair fee, the customer is responsible for the cost of any components or materials needed to be replaced in the process as well as shipping and insurance costs. Please email or call WINGS with your repair requests. Advance payment or credit card payment prior to work being performed is required.

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