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Oil pollution Fashion Jewelry

Oil pollution Fashion Jewelry

Coral is directly affected by oil pollution is a major organism. Its growth requirements for the environment is very high, and a survey of the world's ecological organization, there are a lot of live coral died because of oil pollution, and coral are on any oil coating is bound to affect thousands of homes in coral fish and plants. Environmental crisis is no doubt a harbinger of the increasing price of coral prices, crude oil spill caused by the center is the coral ecosystem cytoreductive, and precious coral mortality and reduced production, will also rapidly increasing corals in the future market price of fine jewelry fast improved.

Divided into shallow and deep coral reef corals. Shallow water corals are widely distributed, but it can not be used as raw material for jewelry. Deep-sea coral distribution in the world has some limitations, because of its petrochemical process is completed in the deep sea, so it's a small pore density, as the main material of all kinds of jewelry, so called precious coral. Deep-sea corals and because the most precious red coral, for some, red coral has become synonymous with precious corals.

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