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Polish amber

Polish amber is abundant along the Baltic coast where contemporary designers and artists develop their talents surrounded by craftspeople who have made amber jewelry their life. It’s not surprising that the coastal city of Gdansk is a center where gemologists, artisans, designers and sculptors are plentiful, and that it’s the location for annual amber jewelry fairs and competitions. Many international companies famed for exclusive amber jewelry collections are located in Gdansk or have manufacturing centers in the region. Retailers and online distributors often have affiliations with the companies that import Polish amber earrings, rings and traditional amber necklaces.

The latest contemporary costume jewelry creations are pieces like the chunky amber necklace chokers that feature one large cabochon on a slide attached to a ribbon or velvet strip. There are round and square cabochons, accented with silver, that include the choker band and cost as little as $55 through companies like the Polish Art Center. Fashion shows from Tokyo to New York have featured large gemstone necklaces, in particular the collar, which incorporates flat chunks of stone in varying lengths that decrease in size, like an Egyptian collar.


The ones that use precious gemstones are not affordable, but those that use chunks of amber can cost as little as $150. These unique chunky amber necklace designs are sold through places like the Amber Workshop and the Polish Art Center and through designers recommended by the International Amber Association in Poland.

Matching chunky necklaces with polish amber earrings, bracelets and brooches as well as large religious pendants is easy because the gemstones are so affordable. For example, a company who retails Baltic amber from Poland offers large Polish amber earrings for between $15 and $40. Some have chunks of amber that are over an inch in length, others set in silver, some with large round beads or cabochons. For unique, look into the newest Amber Purse Earrings. These are rectangular chunks that dangle from a silver mounting that extends down the center of the stone. Due to the work involved and the size of amber required, they cost about $70. These are the hottest earrings that match chunky amber collars and cabochon chokers.

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