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Rose Quartz - the best emotional stone

You can see these names: Rose Quartz, Red Quartz Rutilated, Hibiscus Quartz, Pink Quartz and Rose Quartz Rutilated, in fact, they belong to the same kind of Quartz - Rose Quartz. Whether use which name, the functions are all similar. They all can be called: "the best emotional stone".

Rose Quartz can help children keep their minds opening and reduce their naughty nature. We should put it on desk, bedside, or under the pillow, it is good for health. Rose Quartz energy is soft and comfortable that will not affect sleep. It mainly produced in Brazil, South Dakota State in USA, Colorado State in USA, and Madagascar.


The original mine of Rose Quartz is massive deposit, produced in various parts of pegmatite. That which grown in the top of the texture was better. Rose Quartz columns that we saw on the markets were all grinded from nubby original mine.
Rose Quartz has brickle texture. It shows pink because contains microelement: titanium. It will lose intrinsic delicate color and luster if always close with shine’s exposure. The familiar arti factitious manner is coloration.

According to Transparency, there have these kinds: opaque, translucent, transparent. Some people call the more transparent ones Red Quartz Rutilated.

The most clear bright natural crystal, we call it Asteriated Rose Quartz.

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