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Semi precious Gemstone - Healing Properties

Agate Agate is composed of silicon dioxide and is a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. It is regarded as a stabilizing stone and is known for strengthening the body and the body's connection to the earth. It is particularly helpful with tooth and gum issues, as well as stomach problems. It assists with increasing self-confidence, perception, concentration, the speaking of one's truth, as well as physical balance and endurance. Agate assists in the healing and improvement of relationships, cleanses the lymphatic system, regulates fluid balance, and stabilizes the physical body and aura. Agate allows one to become in touch with one's inner self and transmutes negative emotions such as jealousy, bitterness, and resentment as these can cause negative effects on the physical body. Agate also helps one assimilate difficult life experiences and assists in recognizing the hidden value in them.


Amber is a tree resin that has fossilized. During ancient Greek times, it was known as "electron" from which the word electricity is derived. Amber attracts iron and is considered to be a grounding stone due to its electrostatic properties and connection with the Earth. It helps to increase one's general vitality and stimulates sluggish digestion, as well as organ and gland function. Amber can be used to alter vibrations from negative to positive. It motivates one that is lacking in drive to make more decisive decisions while recognizing the true worth in oneself and others.


Amethyst is composed of silicon dioxide and is a member of the Quartz species. Its distinctive color comes from the element, iron. It is a very powerful crystal. Amethyst opens the third eye and clarifies spiritual vision. It dispels illusions that prevent one from experiencing true reality. It facilitates meditation, divine connection, and accelerates the development of intuitive abilities. It has traditionally been used to prevent addictive patterns of behaviors, in particular, alcoholism. It is beneficial for pain, decision-making, anger, rage, fear, dreams, hormone production, cleansing and eliminating, insomnia, and protection from thieves. Amethyst also balances emotional highs and lows and also enhances memory.



Aventurine is composed of silicon dioxide and contains other minerals such as, fuchsite and hematite leaves. Aventurine resonates energetically with the thymus gland and the immune system. It energetically regulates blood pressure and is used to heal arteriosclerosis and decrease cholesterol. Green Aventurine calms nausea and works energetically with the heart, adrenals, eyes, and nervous system. Peach Aventurine enhances the flow of energy from the Earth into the body. Red Aventurine is a strong blood strengthening stone and assists with discernment, determination, strength, creativity, and the alignment with one's path.


Orange Calcite is useful for creativity, playfulness, confidence, and innovation. Orange Calcite allows one to see old dilemmas in new ways that may be more easily solvable. It helps one overcome depression, lethargy, and inactivity by stimulating the body.


Carnelian is composed of silicon dioxide and iron. It is a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that stimulates courage and action. Carnelian restores one's motivation and is beneficial for analytic ability, lower back disorders, emotional negativity, headaches, heart conditions, blood circulation, blood purification and it accelerates healing in bones and ligaments. It is a stone of abundance; it motivates for business and other matters. Carnelian was used by the ancient Egyptians who believed that it had protective powers and that it assisted the soul on its journey in the afterlife. It is has the ability to cleanse other stones and helps one with self-trust and believing in ones own perceptions.


Chrysocolla is composed of hydrous copper silicate and a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. It assists in communication as well as the release of stress, anxiety ,and other fear based imbalances. Chrysocolla is beneficial to the alleviation of sore throats, laryngitis and it supports healthy functioning of the larynx. It is known as the "teaching stone". It encourages one to speak ones highest knowledge so that others may benefit.

Chrysoprase Chrysoprase is composed of silicon dioxide and nickel. It is a member of the Chalcedony species. It is a heart healing stone and considered to be the "stone of youth" as it assists in maintaining a youthful spirit, outlook, and energy. Chrysoprase is a powerful love attractor and supports general healing, growth, compassion, forgiveness, altruism, and regeneration.


Citrine is used for manifestation, personal will, mental clarity (stimulates the mind and can assist with learning) and creativity. This stone is helpful for digestive issues and metabolism (i.e. weight loss).

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is transparent and composed exclusively of silicon dioxide. It is among the most abundant of all minerals. Clear Quartz is the most versatile and multidimensional stone. It is a stone of Light that brings heightened spiritual awareness. It carries high vibrational frequencies from the realm of Spirit into the physical world. Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of other stones and encourages clarity on all levels. It can be used to enhance communication with guides and amplify psychic abilities. Clear Quartz opens all chakras and energy pathways in the body, thereby allowing for increased enlightenment. It stimulates the nervous system as well as the growth of fingernails and hair. Clear Quartz also assists in removing adhesion's in the connective tissue.


Most Coral is composed of calcium carbonate. Since it is a stone of organic origin, it assists with connecting to nature. Red and white coral stimulate the movement of the bloodstream and are helpful in healing anemia. They are also known to strengthen the circulatory system and the bones of the body as well as stimulate tissue regeneration. Pink shades restore harmony to the heart.



Flourite is composed of calcium fluoride and has many color varieties. Fluorite, in general, assists in strengthening bones and teeth, balancing brain chemistry, as well as enhancing learning and memorization abilities. It helps one overcome confusion, vacillation, instability, dishonesty, fear of the future, and disorders that are the result of thought patterns. It is regarded as a natural anti-viral, immune stimulator and an anti-inflammatory agent. It can help to relieve joint pain and reduce swelling and inflammation due to arthritis. Green Flourite reduces excess energy, cleanses and heals the heart chakra, and aids in the clearing of emotional trauma. It also absorbs electromagnetic smog. Blue Flourite balances energy and assists with clear communication of one's ideas. Yellow Flourite enhances intellectual ability and detoxifies the body and emotions.


Garnet is composed of aluminum silicate and can contain other minerals such as magnesium, iron, and manganese. Garnet is a powerful energizing stone that is protective. It is beneficial for attracting love, dreaming, spinal and cellular disorders, regeneration of DNA, and assimilation of mineral and vitamins. Garnet stimulates expanded awareness and amplifies the effects of other crystals.

Green Quartz

Green Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and carries the same properties as Clear Quartz in addition to others. Green Quartz opens and stabilizes the heart chakra. It is beneficial for bringing the body into balance, mental clarity, and creativity. Green Quartz is a multidimensional cellular memory healer. Green Quartz enhances muscle testing and strengthens the immune system.

Herkimer Quartz 'Diamond'

Herkimer Quartz 'Diamond' is composed of silicon dioxide that can contain inclusions of water and/or black carbon deposits. Herkimers have a high, harmonious energy that exists on the upper levels of the Quartz vibrational spectrum. They also magnify the effects of other stones. Herkimers can be used to assist in dream work, astral travel, and dimensional shifting. Water-included Herkimer Diamonds help to clear the emotional body. Water-and-carbon included Herkimers assist in the removal of energetic cords and emotional patterns. Clear Herkimers assist in general healing by increasing the amount of Light energy in the body. The foggier water-included Herkimers help one to see what is most feared within self while maintaining self-love. In general, Herkimers help one with visions, spiritualization, and body purification and cleansing.


Jade is composed of sodium aluminum silicate and can contain other minerals such as chromium. All of the various forms of Jade (green, purple, black, red, lavender, and blue) have healing and protective properties. Green Jade is associated with health and abundance. It strengthens the energy systems. Green Jade allows one to experience joy in life and helps one understand that sacrifice is only an illusion. Purple Jade is associated with humor and spiritual knowledge. Black Jade is an important stone that is used for purification and protection on both the spiritual and physical level. Red Jade encourages physical vitality, strength, passion, courage, and action. It assists one in overcoming difficulties and/or addictions. Lavender Jade carries etheral energy and stimulates emotional awareness and empathic ability. It helps with vision, intuition and awareness. Blue Jade assists with the attainment of spiritual knowledge, clear thinking, and discrimination. It is soothing to the emotional body and assists in calming inflammation, swelling, arthritic conditions, asthma, and bronchial conditions.



Jasper is composed of silicon dioxide, in addition to other foreign material (up to 20%). It is a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. It exists in many different varieties. Jasper was worn by shaman to bring protection and holds an aspect of solar energy. Red Jasper promotes physical strength and energy. It has the ability to generate muscle tissue and is therefore of use to those recovering from physical weakness due to illness, or those involved in lifting weights or bodybuilding. It is also helpful in stabilizing pregnancies and promoting fetal growth. Rainforest Jasper is useful for grief, renewal, invigoration, energy, and depression as it brings about hope. It can be used for encouraging liver activity and detoxifying the body. Meditating with Rainforest Jasper strengthens ones connection to nature. Mookaite Jasper assists in understanding emotional and behavioral patterns passed down from ancestors and the release of those patterns. It helps in the process of pregnancy, reproduction, and slowing down the aging process. Picture Jasper helps one reconnect to the energy of the planet and the ancient knowledge of living in balance that is necessary at this time. It also supports bone growth and boosts the immune system. Unakite Jasper is ideal for children's sensitive emotional bodies. In general, it helps support healthy tissue growth. Unakite Jasper helps one to release emotional disharmony by raising the vibration of the physical and emotional bodies. Its energy stimulates the healing of disease that is the result of repressed emotions such as anger and resentment. It offers support in the treatment of cancer and heart disease. Black Jasper, also known as Blackstone, has a highly protective energy. It is used for relieving pain, stomach ailments, foot problems, and hip dysplagia. Dalmation Jasper is known for its grounding property. It is beneficial to healthy cartilage, nerves, reflexes, balancing the ying-yang, mood elevation, and guarding against nightmares. It helps one avoid excess analysis and allows one to instead recognize one's strengths and weaknesses. Dalmatian Jasper also helps one communicate with animals. It encourages fidelity and strengthens family loyalties. It also stimulates ones sense of fun.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is composed of sodium aluminum silicate that also contains sulfur, chlorine and hydroxyl. It also has various inclusions such as Pyrite and White Calcite. Lapis helps to awaken the third eye. It helps one receive guidance and information. Lapis allows one to consciously identify habits, patterns, and lessons that may be inhibiting spiritual growth. Lapis assists in identifying thought patterns and emotions sabotaging the healing process.


Magnesite is composed of magnesium carbonate. Magnesite has a direct effect on the brain and is a powerful emotional balancer. It aids the body in releasing tension and stagnation. Magnesite promotes joy and supports healing of fibroids, chronic muscular tension due to stress, and excessive stress in general.


Moonstone is composed of a potassium aluminum silicate. It is known as a stone of Mystery. It is used for attuning to the ebb and flow of the moon's energy. It can be helpful in stabilizing a woman's feminine cycle and attuning a man to any subtle hormonal fluctuations experienced during phases of the moon. Moonstone can be used to help one communicate with one's guides and to follow guidance for the highest good. It also helps one balance water retention.


Obsidian is a silica-rich volcanic rock that exists in many varieties. Black Obsidian is known to eliminate negative energies in self and in one's environment. It is used as a grounding stone and assists in psychic protection as well as spirit communication. It helps one break negative emotional patterns such as self-abuse, eating disorders, and addictions. It assists in clearing reproductive problems that are the result of abuse. Snowflake Obsidian carries the same properties as Black Obsidian in addition to others. Snowflake Obsidian helps one to overcome feelings of victimization and enables one to find strength and willingness to shift reality towards a more positive state. It attunes past life memories or forgotten events to present day problems. This recall allows one to focus, overcome, and release harmful source issues. Mahogany Obsidian helps one to release oneself from inner limitations and feelings of unworthiness that have been created due to fear and/or perceived separation. It strengthens liver and kidney functions and enhances the body’s ability to release toxins. Mahogany Obsidian, in general, is used to strengthen the organs and tissues.



Onyx is composed of silicon dioxide and is a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. Onyx is a stone that is useful for inner strength. It enhances ones endurance and persistence. It cools and condenses excess energies and soothes hot tempers. Onyx helps one to increase focused attention, reason, self-mastery, discipline and personal power. It assists with the elimination of bodily waste and the strengthening of weak legs.


Opal is composed of hydrated silica (silicon bonded to water). It symbolizes hope, innocence, and purity. It is used to purify blood, ease PMS, and stabilize neurotransmitter disturbances, such as Parkinson's Disease. It helps one identify truths and untruths, either from oneself or others. Porous Opal should not be immersed in water. Opal helps one to be pure in heart and strengthens the power of thought.


Rhodonite is composed of manganese metasilicate. Rhodonite assists with learning, development, and self-worth. It supports one in identifying, developing, and utilizing one's gifts. Rhodonite stimulates and strengthens the organs and glands and supports weight loss, detoxification, and purification. It is good for the removal of gallstones or kidney stones and is useful for healing from liver disease. Rhodonite assists one in developing love, generosity, compassion, and altruism.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and contains the mineral, titanium. Rose Quartz is known as a stone of unconditional love. It heals emotions and transforms relationships with self and others to create love, forgiveness, acceptance, trust and harmony. It helps one overcome trauma, grief, and addiction. Rose Quartz is a stabilizing stone for heart trauma and general imbalance. It is ideal for premature babies and children with heart weaknesses. It assists in clearing the emotional body of ego-driven patterns.


Ruby is composed of aluminum oxide. Ruby is an excellent healing stone (1st and 2nd chakra) and it teaches one to be more engaged in the physical world. Ruby has the effect of energizing one's physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is of great support for those who are in recovery from addiction or self-abuse. Ruby Fuchsite also known as Green Muscovite (with Ruby) Fuchsite is composed of a aluminum silicate mineral; it carries the generic properties of Muscovite. It amplifies the energy of other crystals. It assists one in the selection of most suitable herbal treatments and holistic remedies. Fuchsite helps one to reverse a tendency to be a martyr or rescue others. It assists one, through the use of unconditional and tough love, to allow others to learn his or her own lessons. It is beneficial for codependency, resilience, self-worth, quick-wittedness, spine realignment, allergies, anger, nervous stress, fasting, dehydration, and the restoration of emotional equilibrium after confrontation. Ruby Fuchsite also carries the healing properties of Ruby.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz is composed of Clear or Smoky Quartz (silicon dioxide mineral) and Rutile, a titanium oxide mineral. Rutilated Quartz attunes and amplifies Rutile synergistically with Clear or Smoky Quartz. The general healing properties of Smoky and Clear Quartz are also in effect. Rutilated Quartz can help to heal blockages in the energy body before they manifest in the physical body. It infuses one with Light energy and is useful for helping one receive inspiration for endeavors such as art and writing. Rutilated Quartz also helps to stimulate hair growth and minimize hair loss.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide that has undergone radiation. Smoky Quartz is a spiritual grounding stone and is one of the most powerful clearing stones available. It assists with grounding, transmutation of negative energies, practicality, organization, and the manifestation of ones dreams and inspirations. Smoky Quartz counters the negative effects of sunburn, exposure to radioactive materials, and medical radiation. Sodalite Sodalite is composed of chloric sodium aluminum silicate. Sodalite assists in accessing one's subconscious and intuitive abilities. It helps one perceive one's life path as well as detach from everyday life worries. It allows one to see reality from a higher perspective and reduces overall stress and anxiety. Sodalite also helps to support the regulation of blood pressure and the reduction of water retention. Spinel Spinel is composed of magnesium aluminum oxide and assists with revitalization, inspiration, new hope, and victory. It helps one in building a new self-image, thinking outside of the box, as well as dispelling limiting ideas about attractiveness, talents, and capacities in order to enable new growth. Black Spinel assists in the release of the past thereby allowing one to more easily move forward uninhibited in the future. It also assists in the detoxification of the digestive system.


Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is composed of silicon dioxide, sodium, and iron. It is a member of the Chalcedony (microcrystalline Quartz) species. Tiger's Eye maintains a high vibrational state. It assists in the healing of eye diseases, enhances night vision, and assists with digestion, maintaining balance between extremes, and increasing vitality and strength. It is used as a blood fortifier and supports vitality. Tiger's Eye lowers blood pressure, stimulates repair of broken bones, and strengthens the endocrine system thereby stabilizing hormones.


Tourmaline is composed of a complex aluminum borosilicate. It exists in a wide variety of forms, colors, and energy spectrums. Tourmaline contains one of the most significant mineral groups for metaphysical applications. It has pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity properties which allow for the conduction of electrical charge. Black Tourmaline crystals are beneficial for psychic protection for those who work or live in challenging environments. It can assist one in disengaging from obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors. It helps one to release worry and cleanses the body of toxins and waste. Black Tourmaline also clears the auric field of imbalances and assists in keeping oneself and one's surroundings free of negative energy and disharmony.


Turquoise is composed of copper aluminum phosphate. Turquoise is a stone that is used for self-forgiveness and acceptance. It assists in the oxygenation of blood and is useful for quelling inflammation, sore throats, and headaches. Turquoise is beneficial for nurturing healthy friendships, loyalty, self-expression, and dispelling mood swings, exhaustion, depression, shame, and guilt.

Zoisite with Ruby Zoisite is composed of a calcium aluminum silicate mineral. Zoisite is known a stone known to increase life force, courage and passion. It assists one in awakening ones true self. It helps one increase empathy and compassion as well as harmonize relationships with others. It assists in the alleviation of grief, anger, despair, and hopelessness. Zoisite (with Ruby) also carries the healing properties of Ruby (see above). Healing Properties of Non-Gemstone Substances Goldstone Goldstone is a man-made stone. It is composed of glass (silicon dioxide) and other minerals, of which copper is most notable. It is assists in the attainment of positive energy and is a deflector of unwanted energy. Goldstone is also a stimulant for the nervous system. It also enhances the transmission of healing energies and is useful to energy healers. Health Advisory In addition to the use of subtle energy medicine practices, we strongly recommend and encourage you to consult a qualified health care practitioner for medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment of any disease symptoms that you may be experiencing.

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