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Smoky Quartz

It is also called Smoky Crystal or Motion, their colors are different. Has radioactivity. Most Smoky Quartz are cylinders with six angles. Same to others transparent crystals, it is also has cracked ice pattern and clouds-like things within it. Smoky Quartz has steady energy, corresponding Mooladhara Chakra.

Smoky Quartz can be used of amulet. Wearing it on left hand is good for driving evil spirit off.

Smoky Quartz can help us clearing up thoughts, dealing with complex matters effectively during busy work. Enhance capacity for reaction and analytical judgments.

Women can use Smoky Quartz to regulate gynecology disease, enhance energy of Mooladhara Chakra, also can build up their strength, vitality and the desire for sex.


Smoky Quartz can strengthen abilities of carrying out matters. Also could balance emotions, and improve the sense of security.

Improve people’s addictions like: bibulosity, smoke, etc. costume jewelry

Smoky Quartz can enhance the body's immune function, active human cells, slow down the phenomenon of aging and restore the vitality of youth. It is said that, on infectious diseases and cancer it also has little effects.

It has appeased role for people who have hypochondria and tendency of the suicide.

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