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Steps to choose the right jewellery piece

Jewellery is one of those words whose mere mention is enough to bring a smile to our faces. Considered a woman’s best piece of decoration, it enhances our beauty greatly.  At present, we have a wide assortment of jewellery types.

Ranging from handmade jewellery, gemstone jewellery, silver jewellery, beaded jewellery, fashion jewellery to semi-precious stones jewellery, the list is virtually endless. Choosing the right jewellery from such types and styles can get tricky sometimes.

You should understand that there is huge similarity between choosing a jewellery and wardrobe. You need to prioritise your personal fashion style and comfort level to buy a good jewellery piece. Here, I have discussed some easy ways on how to select the right jewellery. Read them and make your fashion statement count.

Decide your purpose: Do you want a subtle jewellery piece or something bold and beautiful?

Occasion/Event: Choose a jewellery piece that is appropriate for the occasion you plan to wear. Example: a huge choker will look perfect for an evening party but definitely not in a business meeting.

Frequency: How often do you want to wear it? Will the jewellery be a daily wear piece or an exclusive once-in-a while wear?


Budget: How much do you want to spend?  You need to answer this question before you begin the search. Well, you would love to own a diamond ring, but do you really want to spend that much. In addition, there are so many varieties in jewellery. Decide upon your budget to make your selection process easier.

Always prefer to try on the jewellery. Or else hold the jewellery piece next to you and see in the mirror. It will give you an exact idea of how well the jewellery looks on you.

Choose among the different jewellery metals.

Choose the style of jewellery. Do you want a traditional silver jewellery or artificial imitation jewellery? It is advisable that you understand the benefits attached with each jewellery style. This will make your selection process easier.

For example, you can look for pretty jewellery pieces that hold spiritual value. Feng Shui crystals are a huge hit presently. Many women have started to wear feng shui crystals as jewellery pieces.

Face shape and skin tone

You will be amazed to know that you can choose jewellery based on your complexion and face shape. Here are some tips on how to do that. Enjoy reading.

1. Skin tone: Find a body area (like wrist) where the veins are visible. Now, based upon the colour of the veins, determine your skin tone.
- Cool skin tone: Blue coloured veins are the sign of cool skin tone. People who have a cool skin tone generally have light blue or dark brown eyes.
- Warm skin tone: Green coloured veins are the sign of warm skin tone. People who have red or blonde coloured hair have warm skin tone.

- If you have cool skin tone, opt for metals like white gold and silver.
- If you have warm skin tone, opt for metals like copper, brass and gold.

- White pearls and diamonds are good for cool skin tone. Opt for jewellery that focuses more on coloured jewel stones like red, pink, purple and magenta.
- Coral pearls are good for warm skin tone. Here, try to go for earthy shades like green, yellow, coral, peach and brown.


2. Shape of your face: Consider the shape of your face to choose the best-suited jewellery for you.

Triangle/square/round shaped face:
- Teardrop earrings are the best for round shaped face. Try elongated shaped --- earrings for triangle and square shaped faces.
- Short necklaces are good as they make the face look elongated.

Diamond shaped face:
- Drop earring and long danglers are good to wear.
- Chokers are good to soften the sharp angle of the chin.

Rectangular shaped face:
- Round earrings are good as they complement the face structure.

Oval shaped face:
- Angular shaped earrings
- Both long and short necklaces look good.

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