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The Diversity of Wedding Hair Clips for Women

The Diversity of Wedding Hair Clips for Women

Each and every person has their unique sense of taste. Some women like hair bands, some like brooches pinned to their head, some wish to wear hair combs to keep their hair intact. This article is for women who love wear hair clips as bridal hair accessory on their wedding day. Apart from bridal combs or wedding headbands bridal hair clips has the property to fasten firmly to your hair and also gives you more innovative ideas to create a variety of hair styles.

There are numerous kinds of wedding hair clips that includes Barrettes, Jaw hair clips, Claw clips, Bumpits, Brooch pin hair clip, Vintage hair clips, Alligator Hair clip and so on.

Vintage Hair Clips:

Vintage hair clips comes in a great assortment of styles feathered with dazzling old-fashioned brooch and sparkling jewels. They can either be pinned to your gown like brooch or can be worn as a hair accessory along with a bobby pin that securely fastens to your hair. It gives you pleasant look when worn with a birdcage veil.

Hair Claw Clips:

These are the kind of clips that used to shut around the hair enclosing within its claw design. They are known for its popularity in mid ‘90s. Claw clips are designed to have teeth that enable you to grab a flock of hair and hold or clasp it in place. These claw clips come in variety of sizes and colours sprinkled with sparkly gems with delicate floral design.

Jaw Hair Clips:

Unfortunately These hair clips gone out of fashion since 1980s but still it brings elegant beauty and sophisticated look to the bride. In addition to its property of hair jewellery, the jaw hair clips is also utilized as a hairstyling tool to split or distinguish hair while curling and cutting.


Hair clip barrettes are commonly used hair clips that come in variety of styles. Sometimes it is silver or gold plated base metal that contains lead free and nickel free base metal. It’s kind of long that’s generally used to make up short pony tails or to hold your hair up off your neck depending on its size.

There are more hair clips with varied diversity that may include silver or pearl hair clips which are extremely versatile. Some hair clips portrays its memorable appearance engraved with silver plated leaves encircled by a ring of featured rhinestones. Typically silver hair clips are accented with diamonds or Swarovski crystals and claw hair clips look delicate with pearls and ivory which is highly durable and versatile. Thus try to make perfect choice on choosing wedding hair clips with your style preferences with a classic look of elegance.

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