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The manifestation of symbolism in jewelry

There is more to symbolism than there is with jewelries, pendants and baubles. In a more simplistic frame of mind these ornaments are more often than not associated with magic spells and when it comes to the image of an owl pendant necklace, the idea of magic is even more amplified. Many animals have become representations of magic and bizarre extraordinary lore. In many cultures a serpent represents cerebral and celestial power, holding the secrets of both heaven and earth.

In China, a dragon symbolized the ultimate source of power and authority. But on the other hand, serpents are reviled in Western Christian ideology as well as in Islam where it is often perceived as the common material manifestation of the devil himself. Sharing this common cultural notoriety and malevolence is the owl. The owls are directly associated with magic- for better or worse. In Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Culture, owls are considered “familiars” in the same way as cats, bats and crows are known for. The most proverbial notion of Western wizardry is never possible without the visual presence of an owl. However, no other culture considers owls to be most malevolent other than that of Native Americans both in the northern and southern hemisphere.


To most Native Americans, owls are the most powerful heralds of death and misfortune. It is the one entity that scares the wits out of the most powerful shamans. They can risk vexing a crow or a coyote, but owls are more like a Def-Con 5 degree of divine retribution, a direct gesture from the angry gods themselves. There was even a legend in an ancient tribe from Wisconsin wherein a single owl has wrought generations’ worth of misfortune and grief.

Truly, owls are not doubted for their allusion to supernatural capabilities, but along with it is their disrepute. Unless a person is not wandering off the Native American reservations, wearing owl pendants or necklaces would not merit as worst a treatment as receiving hostile stares from strangers. However, any common man or woman cannot help but think that anyone spotted wearing owl necklaces are somewhat affiliated with magic. A more hilarious notion would be to match owl necklaces with a huge reading glass on top of a school sweater; wherein in that appearance any person in modern society would probably think the wearer came from Hogwarts and are school mates with Harry Potter.

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