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1. The Pink Graff ring

This Graff ring has diamond of intense pink colour and of 24.78 carats. Some people say it could be definitely one of the most expensive jewelry in the whole world because its selling price was 46 million US dollars during the auction in November, the year 2010.

Graff Pink in the ring name means it has specific diamond colour that is defined as second type, with that each of diamond’s carats is estimated approximately for 1.85 million US dollars.

2. Green diamond bikini for 30 million US dollars

This jadeite jewelry got the highest recorded price as a single set’s piece back in 1997 November sale at Christie’s auction held in Hong Kong. It was famous Lot 1843 known as Doubly Fortunate amazing necklac3 consisting of no less that 27 jadeite beads (0.5 mm each), and the selling price reached 9.3 million US dollars.

3. The blue diamond of Wittelsbach-Graff

This blue diamond was sold in 2008 to Laurence Graff for 24.3 million US dollars. It has been said that diamond may have originated from the Golconda kingdom in India, while according to some rumours, Spanish King Philip IV purchased it as a part of wedding dowry of his daughter Margaret Teresa back in 1664.

4. Heart of the Ocean Diamond

The most expensive world jewels were on the Gloria Stewart during the ceremony of the Academy Award in 1998. The diamond piece of art by Harry Winston had a price of 20 million US dollars, moreover that is the exact replica from famous blockbuster Titanic.

Till now this piece of jewels is considered the most expensive among those seen during Oscar ceremony. Later on it was auctioned for 3.5 million US dollars.

5. Bulgari Ring with two stones

This unique could be the most expensive in its class in the whole world because it contains two quite big diamonds.

The ring was made in 1972 as a part of Bulgari collection, later on it was sold to one buyer from Asia for 15.7 million US dollars to become a part of collection, and it is worth to note that bidding war at the auction was really hot.

6. Tiara with diamonds and emeralds

This tiara was commissioned by Prince Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck from Germany who gave it later as a precious gift to his second wife, Katherine, in 1900. Some resources say that earlier the owner of the tiara was Emperor Napoleon III wife. However, this are just gossips.

Tiara has 11 pear-shaped polished emeralds put in the row, which in total are approximately of 500 carats. It was bought by anonymous buyer for 12.76 million US dollars.

7. Wallis Simpson’s Panther Bracelet

It is known that this particular bracelet was a belonging of King Edward VIII back in time, nowadays there are gossips that Madonna bought it for the 12 million US dollars.

8. The pink ring with Graff diamonds

This ring was sold for the 11.8 million US dollars, it originated from South Africa mines. The ring has pink diamond of five carats, but later the Graffs diamonds were added to increase its price.

9. Vibrant Blue Diamond Ring

This wonderful ring has a blue diamond of the shape of the cushion of 6.01 carats put in the central position; the anonymous buyer got it for the ten million US dollars during the auction.

10. Famous Cullinan Diamond

Cullinan diamond is a very rare blue diamond ring that has become a Sotheby’s favorite during 2009 semi-annual Geneva sale. Its price reached amazing 9.69 million US dollars.


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