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Top engagement rings under 50 dollars

Top engagement rings under 50 dollars

Are you looking for an antique style engagement offering a little bit of style to it? Buying antique jewellery is a fun way to buy unique jewellery with a story; antique style rings are still very much in fashion while bringing elegance and a timely look to your overall look while not giving off that tacky feel. Made from cubic zirconia which is a simulant to real diamond this ring is round cut surrounded with other smaller clear cubic zirconia gems to highlight the main stone in the middle. Made from a brass base metal this ring is plated with white gold to give it a brilliant finish.

Engagement diamond rings

There are plenty of affordable finely crafted diamond engagement rings that still look just as magnificent. Crafted from sterling silver this ring boasts a diamond content of 18 round brilliants. If you’re buying a ring you obviously want it to last and you believe your future children are more important then some stone in some metal then this diamond engagement ring will be for you.

Platinum engagement ring

With such customer reviews as “I wished in a way that I could have gotten something like this a long time ago and saved myself a lot of money and trouble” it’s no wondering this impressive platinum engagement ring has gotten so many 5/5 star reviews. This platinum plated sterling silver ring has a clear look to it while the sparkling cubic zirconia stones light up under the sun. Set in 6 prongs this ring looks even better then some in the 100-200 dollar price range customers have raved, although the main stone is quite large this ring is well worth its price.

White gold engagement ring

White gold is an alloy of gold and some white metals like silver and palladium and is coated with rhodium to make the material look whiter.  Just like other engagement rings cubic zirconia is used considering its diamond like properties while being vastly inexpensive comparably. Decorated with one large stone and other smaller supporting stones this white gold engagement ring almost matches a real diamond.

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