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Transmission method lighting observation pearl

The pearls on an adjustable aperture size of the Centre, through the pearl-white, use this method may be observed to see an stripe (layered) structure, which is made of shells and nuclear structure. It did not bored in the water nuclear cultured pearls at the centre of a similar layered structure in the shell beads such imitation pearls see.

Direct X-ray radiography of Direct X-ray can provide answers to the following questions:

Black Pearl is a natural, breeding or imitation?

If pearls are cultured, it is what type?

Direct analysis of the X-ray photo identification, there are two pearls purposes.

Direct X-ray radiography can provide rough measurement based on (overall impression), which is against those who have already become a pearl necklace case, especially those who have been on the ropes in the string of pearls. With a rope, it is impossible to observe the drilling. Secondly, in order to pursue the accuracy of identification per pearls, then this must be folded necklace swap rope, and one in the X-ray photographs of each of the plans showed that the structure of identification. Similarly, respectively X camera can be used to identify any of the hole was not a claw type or retention of the pearl jewelry.

When the pearls through X-ray radiography to detect, are contrary to the picture of the film is light and shade (white part of the calcium imaging, and black parts of the soft part of the imaging). Identification of the film can leave permanent structure of the record:

Natural pearls

Onion-shaped head opaque layer (TLC Chalazion stone) and transparent layer (or ring-shaped solitary form of staggered conchyolin a) the turn of the structure, and sometimes there is a small centre can be transparent.

Keshi pearls (nuclear plant is in the process of the formation of a chance the whole beads)

Onion Head structure, usually there is a ray cut through the shape and size of the center are not set empty.

Nuclear cultured pearls

Centre-penetrating nuclear poor areas, nuclear, wrapped in a thin layer can be permeability of conchyolin layer, then the case can be compared with the outer thin (akoya pearls) thick (Nanyang beads) translucent not good Pearl layer.

Circle the activity of the nuclear non-cultured pearls (Biwa or China), nuclear-free cultured pearls.

Transmittance of an often bizarre shapes, and sometimes also contains large slender shape can be thoroughly central cavity.


Imitation pearls

Impenetrable or wholly impenetrable spherical, not distinguish between light and shade structures.

Summed up this pearl identification step, it must be emphasized:

1. Direct X-ray camera on the identification of some pearls do not have much significance. Such as: Like nacre that Nanyang thick black beads or natural pearls, often when imaging arc structure, or can not see the center be able to concentrate Conchyolin layer.

2. X-ray images of the deeper needs of the theory and practice more skills.

3. X-ray imaging camera shows excessive pearl center of their structural details revealed inadequate if imaging is a pearl details of the structure of the surface.

4. Nacre less dense and more compact nuclear pearl in the photo is often the difference between a small nuclear cultured pearls the only basis for instructions.

Step 4: Pearl optimized detection

Identification of a black pearl of Step 4 to determine whether it is improving the method that is staining after treatment or irradiation, laser processing, coating, or even the surface of the shell beads polished.

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