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Wax pearls

Casting will be used beeswax soak bamboo?, often used to just collected from the freshwater cultured pearls come in from PayPal and the viscosity of organic matter in the above activity drops, the bamboo?with wax pearls will be temporarily improve luster. Attached to the wax pearls in the handheld magnifying glass under very easily checked.

Polymer Coated pearl

Some Tahir embankment black pearl (breeding) was a colorless polymer (plastic) covered with a thin film aimed at improving the pearl luster, we know that this process is completed in Japan is the use of a thicker layer of poly covered in shiny pearl on the poor.

This approach can be visually identified:

Such careful observation covered pearl luster, it found the Pearly from the polymer thin layer underneath, and not dealt with pearls of Pearly from the surface of the pearl. Pearls can also be observed on the top side of the color does not normal reflex, it will also help the pearl of such testing. Such pearls from the top to see the color of pink-and-blue side band; this approach to the top of the Black Pearl slightly purple and green side of the zone.


Pearl was detected on the surface of colorless remain in the search for the plastic layer in the bubble? As well as formation of surface morphology, "dress" the evidence coating scratches and can be used tax-pits in the surface pressure on the evidence.

Parabolic wear pearls

We know that sometimes can occasionally encountered some black beads are used Nanyang soft abrasive over the situation. Such as wood chips, soaked bamboo litter beeswax, coke used to remove salt and pearl surface biomass polishing materials. This material can also be used to polish the rough on the nacre polished dark place. Despite the above treatment can be acceptable, but the people do not accept such a process, which is the poor quality of pearls with disc-polishing. Because this process will be left in the pearl surface deep scratches, which is also based on the identification of such pearls.

The question is: how common such as a traditional pearl nacre and transactions? Apart from the natural pearls, pearls people will accept this?

Silicon review pearl

Has its characteristic luster of the nuclear black cultured pearls through a layer of poly appearancetwo siloxane have improved. This should improve the detection pearl attention features include:

Special pearl surface smoothness

Moqilai pearls have a certain viscosity flu

Cascading pearls and crystal film on the verge of Nanjian, and to see a sharp and Au by the colorless cover.

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