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What is the black pearl

Pearl loose beads wholesale nuclear plant in Nanyang black beads successful in the market place, can be used to sell only the black pearl is very scarce and very expensive natural black pearl, or will fade Japan nuclear akoya pearls, this Pearl is the use of silver nitrate Black, as well as a small part of a black imitation pearls.

In the past 30 years, the law is a law Linixie Islands pearl culture successful development, in 1976 the United States Institute of precious stones that Tahir embankment black pearl farming production is "a natural color with the cultured pearls." Like some other pioneers such as French Polynesia, Robert million people who immigrated to France and the Zhan January 1 Keluodebulanglaite Japan and the United States opened two larger world peace to the market, and Perles de Tahiti GIE'S Japan , the United States market and the development and successful implementation of a proactive marketing strategy. Thus, the world pearl market enthusiasm on the Black Pearl was excited again.


This operation makes French Polynesia region now become the world's largest pearl semi-finished products of origin. According to the latest statistics, in 1998 the export of pearls Tahir embankment semi-finished products valued at 104 million US dollars. It already has the total world market of 375 million US dollars is 28 per cent, while Australia replaced since 1994 has been occupied first in the world.

Natural black pearl

Nuclear plant breeding black pearl (Pinctada margaritifera cumingi in farming, may be a mother-of-pearl PayPal). This mother Pui living in French Polynesia waters, coral reefs ring.

Rare brown to black denuclearization cultured pearls

Color types in a growing number of economic reform colored pearls, including stained black pearls, pearl radiation, as well as the so-called "laser treatment" pearls.

Black shell made of imitation pearls.

Some rare imitation is the use of nuclear surface-layer Black the essence de orient film made, or made from beads-and-after throwing off a shiny black pearl shells made.

This paper will identify workers with stones some of the recommendations in order to help distinguish between natural and cultured pearls and black pearls, and change color and imitation pearls.

Identify a pearl or a pearl necklace for a little gem of the conventional means. On the contrary, the identification of personnel must be integrated with the characteristics of the appearance of some special tests and observation as a means of identification basis, such as X-ray diffraction phase diagram, in response to UV irradiation, as well as advanced spectroscopy, can accurately determine such pearls are Which type.

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