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Black Titanium Rings - the Symbol of Durability and Strength of Character

A silver color, luster and durability have always distinguished the metal titanium. That is exactly why it is frequently used in the jewelry industry. Especially it concerns rings made of black titanium which are becoming extremely popular among women nowadays. They gained their popularity relatively recently - approximately ten years ago. Apart from black ones, at the present time other variants of colored titanium rings are widespread, for instance, silver and gold ones.


A titanium ring

The price for black titanium rings can be compared with the cost of platinum and gold jewelry. The reason of such a high price is in the fact that jewelry production is labor-intensive and cannot be imagined without expensive high-technology equipment.

As already said, today black titanium rings are the pink of fashion. There are several reasons for such surprising enormous popularity, and here are the main ones.

  • Black titanium rings are hypoallergenic and safe for people with sensitive skin.
  • The metal itself is eminently durable and wearable.
  • The rings, even the large ones, are very light and comfortable to wear.
  • The rings are not exposed to oxidation and do not need cleaning.
  • Black titanium rings do not lose shape or fade over time and are not covered with small scratches as it happens to silver and gold.
  • The rings made of black titanium are stylish and of the latest fashion trend.

To some extent, black titanium rings have gothic motifs. Due to their size and shape, they emphasize a woman's great deal of personality and complement her alluring image. These rings are often decorated with diamonds, incisions or stone inlays of deposition of platinum or gold.

Wedding titanium rings symbolize eternal love and durable relationships because of the strength of the material. This is the choice of young and active couples, who are not afraid to expose themselves to new things and do not want to wear traditional gold as most people do. The rings design can be similar for a couple, and at the same time it can distinguish between masculine and feminine. A pair of wedding rings may be of the same or different color. Other materials, such as crystals, gemstones and even pasting from other metals or wood, can also be added.


Wedding titanium rings

As concerns black titanium rings for women, they are rightfully considered the reflection of their style, charisma and inner world. They allow a lady to look and feel a striking, self-confident and independent personality and always be the center of attention.

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