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Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life.  The amount of time and money you will invest in this purchase is huge.  This list of 9 common mistakes should help guide you in your decision to chose the best jeweler and the best diamond engagement ring.

1.  Bargain Diamonds

A common mistake many people make is taking the "best deal" or looking for the "biggest bargain".  Keep in mind, you might end up stuck with just that - a "bargain" diamond. We know that everybody wants a good, fair price.  By working with a jeweler with proven knowledge that you can trust you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your money.

2.  Everybody is a Diamond Professional

As there are no federal or state qualifications, training, or licensing requirements for someone to sell a diamond you could end up with purchasing from somebody with more knowledge about how to close a sale than knowledge about diamonds & jewelry.  By dealing with a GIA Graduate Gemologist you ensure that every question will be answered and you will be getting an experts opinion on your purchase.


3.  Thinking beyond Color & Clarity

Nobody will disagree that Color and Clarity are important factors but what really makes a diamond sparkle is the cut.  A trained professional will help you to understand every element of the diamonds you are considering - and will ensure that you consider more than just Color and Clarity.

4.  Matching the Diamond to the Ring

A large diamond in a small setting, or small diamond in a large setting is going to look awkward and dis-proportional.  You want to select a ring setting that will compliment your diamond - not distract from it.  Your jeweler should take the time to help you select the best ring for your diamond and also set the diamond perfectly.

5.  Going the Extra Mile

Get it right the first time as you rarely get a second chance when it comes to engagement rings.  Keep in mind that this is considered a one-time purchase so look ahead to the future.  Splurge on exactly what you want (within reason of course).  As much as we love people coming in to upgrade their engagement rings, it's not something you are going to want to do quickly or often.

6.  Diamond Quality

Select a diamond that you will be happy with.  A good jeweler can guide you when selecting a diamond that will be perfect for you.  With an investment this big, you don't want to be unhappy after the purchase.  You also don't want to spend money on something so high quality that only a museum would appreciate it.


7.  Certificate Details

Every diamond is unique so don't let the diamond grade be the only thing guiding your decision.  Even if the grade on the certificate is the same, diamonds can vary greatly in appearance.  The polish and symmetry, the girdle thickness, florescence and proportioning are things that will not be evident on the certificate.  Before purchasing, its important that you view the diamond in person, observe how is handles light.  Make your decision based on more than just the diamond grade.

8.  Professional Guidance

The diamond market is full of things to consider and there are so many intricacies of your purchase that it easily becomes overwhelming.  Letting a trusted professional guide you through the process and decision will help to ensure a purchase that will leave you feeling good for a lifetime.

9.  Customer Service

Foregoing good customer service when purchasing a diamond is a huge mistake.  You are investing a lot of time and money to this purchase and you should use a trusted jeweler who you can count on year-after-year.  You should feel like a valuable customer every time you interact with your jeweler.

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