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pave engagement ring in 14k white gold

Pave Engagement Rings – Realy Exquisite Accessories

Pave engagement rings are pretty much like a honeycomb. Due to this type of installation, the impact of petty diamonds becomes maximized and despite its value, it appears to be a very magnificent piece of jewelry. The tack of “pave” allows grouping a large amount of gems in the same place, where otherwise it would require a big jewel. In addition, “pave” technique is popular among installers due to the possibility to fill up the space with irregular geometric pattern.
Occasionally the mention of pave diamond rings make newlyweds confused, as small stones are frequently used as elements of these pieces of jewelry, whereas future spouses usually fantasize wedding rings to be like a large solitaire. Nevertheless, for many centuries the scattering of diamonds is successfully used as the composite way.
Take a glance at pave rings and you realize that they look like they are fully arranged of precious stones and it is the essential idea of the stylistic solutions. Unhackneyed, but still delicate and sophisticated image of this jewelry makes it incredibly popular among modern designers and their esteemers. In contrast to precious stones imbedded into platinum or gold surface, each pave gem is fitted separately in order to allow maximal number of light rays pass through the facets.

Pave diamond ring

Pave diamond ring

It may create the impression that pave diamond ring is priced almost as much as the large solitaire one, still it costs significantly cheaper. For instance, whether total carat weight of all gems is similar to the mass of one large precious stone, pave diamond ring is priced up to 90% lower!
There are three ways of using pave technique in jewelry solutions. Few petty gems are lined up in a row with the biggest sample in the center. On occasions, the central jewel may be surrounded from all sides by a large variety of smaller ones. Moreover, many pave configurations may be arranged even without large stone.
Which of these configurations should a future wife choose? Everything depends on the individual tastes and habits of the bride: her lifestyle, job and hobbies. For example, if a woman pursues an active lifestyle, it is reasonable to buy ring with an ergonomic design.
By choosing pave engagement ring, a bride does not only acquire really exquisite accessory, but also spares funds of the future family, as she does not overpay for high cost and usually unwieldy gems of bigger sizes.

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