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Platinum Rings: Expensive Taste for the Special Someone

Platinum is a precious metal, alongside with silver and gold, which has recently acquired vogue among women from all over the world. Especially it concerns rings made of platinum. It is not for nothing that it is even named the "King of Metals".


A platinum diamond ring for a woman

Platinum has several qualities, thanks to which jewelry made of it is so popular and beloved of all connoisseurs of beauty and elegance. Here are some of them.

  • Platinum's intrinsic value is the highest amongst all the metals used in jewelry production.
  • It is about 95% pure, and, by comparison, 18 karat gold is about 75% pure.
  • Platinum is absolutely hypoallergenic.
  • Its natural white color does not get tarnished over time.
  • It does not cast its color on other gemstones it is combined with.
  • There is no need in re-coating platinum.

Consequently, platinum can be rightfully considered the most in-demand and suitable metal for ladies' ornamentals.

The advantage of platinum rings for women is in the fact that they can correspond with the needs of different women with different temperament and personality. Besides, it is thick and durable, and platinum rings can be worn every day due to high resistance characteristics to chemical attacks.

Heat tolerance is one more distinctive property of platinum. It retains its natural shine and whiteness thanks to its non-tarnish characteristic. So, while wearing platinum rings, one can always feel comfortable. Other metals are also be used as an alloy with platinum. This strengthens the ornament and properly secures gemstones to the metal.


Platinum wedding rings

Platinum rings for women are made in various designs and correspond to different tastes. In addition, they are as expensive as gold but are of better value to the effect that these rings will not lose their shape or color, nor wear out, as with silver or gold ones.

Platinum rings for women are also popular with both young and old ladies. Also they can be combined with stones whether they are precious or not: one can wear them together with semi-precious or artificial stones. The reason of this wonderful characteristic is in the fact that platinum does not darken other stones. More than that, it accentuates their beauty and shine.


A platinum wedding ring

Therefore, it can be said that platinum rings for women will be expensive taste for the special someone who you would love to give a luxurious present to.


A platinum Austrian crystal ring

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