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Rings Midas

Rings Midas offerings are generally considered to be elegant ring choices for most Americans, and this is because through the years, Rings Midas has established for itself a name that is synonymous with unparalleled class and beauty. Because of this distinction, a lot of people turn to them for practically everything that's related to elegant rings and other costume jewelry pieces. Moreover, if you are looking for a ring purchase soon, and you want it to be perfect, then you should definitely consider an art deco engagement ring. An art deco ring, after all, is a priceless ring type that has caught the hearts of numerous lovers ever since it was first introduced in the market.

But what is an art deco engagement ring in the first place? It is typically a decorative ring, and more often than not, it is characterized by geometric designs with grand and specific outline and shapes. This ring's popular features include diamonds that are set with contrasting stone, repeating patterns (such as 3-dimensional patterns), contrast and carvings, and it is usually made from white gold or platinum. This ring type is also popular for its bold colors, and just like other ring varieties out there, it is also classy and stylish with its innately geometric and symmetrical theme. These rings first became popular in the mid-1920s in Paris and they have not been outshone by any other ring type ever since.


From the ring's distinct historical label, you also need to know that this popular art deco movement has its roots before World War 2, when women were starting to be liberated and were asserting for equal stature with men. The jewelry that were worn by women during that time were bold, and they bore harsh designs and styles, which signified their desire to express their belief that women were also capable of doing what men can do. However, when you are considering engagement rings for your future wife, there are several things that you need to consider first. For one, you need to know what type of ring your future wife might want, and that moreover, you need to find it in a way that she would not notice that you are planning to propose to her anytime soon. This can easily be done by looking through ring choices that are in abundance right now, but if you think your future wife does not mind having an nontraditional ring, then this is the perfect choice for her. The beauty of an art deco engagement ring is that you can opt to personalize the engagement ring's gemstone. In looking for this customized centerpiece, you can perhaps choose your wife-to-be's birth stone, or if not, the stone of your wedding date, or it could simply be the stone that she likes.

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