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Why you should choose sterling silver rings

Regardless of price silver still stay valuable and beautiful material. It's well known, that sterling silver rings are perfect as a gift for your beloved. You can also use it as an engagement or even wedding ring. Sterling silver rings can be a perfect way to compliment your loved one at St. Valentine’s Day. In spite of countless ways to celebrate love, classic sterling silver ring can be perfect for that type of occasions.
Due to attractive price and noble look sterling silver rings known as one of the most popular jewelries all over the world. Diamonds and other precious stones looks even more gorgeous silver framing. You will always catch prying eyes to your fingers every time you wear sterling silver ring, doesn't matter whether there is a precious stone or not. It's perfect jewelry for parties and business events, anywhere you go - it's look awesome.

unique sterling silver ring for women

unique sterling silver ring for women

The reason why sterling silver is so popular over jewelry market is very simple. This precious metal is really durable and longevous. This achieved due to the composition of sterling silver: more than 90 percent pure silver when combined with a small amount of other metal. The most preferable composition include about 92.5 percent of fine silver and 7.5 percent of the alloy.

Pure silver itself is not the best material for jewelry, because it's really soft and malleable. It can be reshaped easily, that's rings made from this metal can be damaged. Therefore, fine silver should be mixed with small amount of alloy or other metal. As the result, we get perfect composition, which saves the shape and the shining of the ring for long years and with the right care even centuries.
The care of sterling silver rings is not that difficult. There are many ways to make your silver jewelry looks great. First, don't forget about storage. Use special jewelry box or cloth bags, which will helps you to avoid tarnishing and scratching.
If you see, that your rings are already tarnished, you should clean them immediately, because the older is dirt the harder to get rid of it. Nowadays there are huge quantity of silver cleaning products, so you can find it in any hardware and craft stores. In addition, it's easy to find online some ways, how you can clean your jewelry at home.
Silver also is a great choice for people who love platinum or white gold, but can't afford it, because sterling silver rings resembles platinum or white gold by color and shine, but it's more affordable.



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