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How to choose bridal jewelry

Every bride begins to think about the choice of their clothes and accessories to the significant day of your life- wedding. This event caught by surprise many women, because experience in this matter, virtuallynone.Many believe that a wedding dress - the main wedding accessory, although not a small number ofwomen are thinking about the jewelry and accessories. Dresses in most cases have the same type of look, butif you add a piece of jewelry, it will shine and highlight the bride of the overall plan. Typically, before thewedding, the bride very busy and she needed help in the selection of jewelery. Step by step instructionsbelow will explain to you what actions to take to address this issue.

1. Pick jewelry for your wedding dress
The wedding dress can not be unsuccessful in this significant day for you. It serves to highlight the attirejewelry. Therefore you must take responsibility for the selection of jewelry under the dress. Selection ofcolor plays an important role. Classics of the genre - a white wedding dress. White color has many shades, soyou need to pick up under his shade jewelry. Stone diamond-based blends with almost any dress. Gold is alsonot inferior to the popularity. It should take into account the configuration of the dress, which alsoinfluences the choice of decoration. But diamonds - bezproigryshny option, as they are white. Accordingly, ifthe dress color, the fit colored stones.

2. Selection headdress
The headpiece is an integral part, which transforms the dress. The type of hair and texture of the dressdepends on the final choice of headgear. Graceful hats of different colors combine well with vadebnymidresses. Underestimated and overestimated veil and light scarf - great decoration dress elements.


birdal jewelery

birdal jewelery


3. Earrings and accessories for the neck
Selection of jewelry for the neck depends on the type of dress. To dress with a neckline fit beads. Do notprofitable will look necklace on a dress with a plunging neckline. Earrings - jewelry accessories universal andfit any dress. Play with the shapes and sizes of earrings for your choice of hairstyles, dresses and cleavage. It is impossible that they would much low hanging.


4. Themed Wedding Decorations
Are you interested in a themed wedding? Under certain subjects are selected and certain jewelry. It is notnecessary to combine the traditional with the modern wedding.


Wedding forever leave an imprint in the memory. This is a very important step. You should be confident inyourself and look chic. It is therefore necessary to allocate a window to select jewelry. Do not rush in thechoice and selection of accessories will be perfect!


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