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Off-beat Engagement Rings for Modern Brides

Although a traditional wedding supposes classical rings made of gold and sometimes including white diamonds, a lot of modern brides are looking for something special as their engagement rings.


A non-traditional engagement ring


No doubt that it is not easy at all to find a perfect piece which corresponds to your tastes and preferences and reflects your personality. That is why a bride needs some time to choose from an enormous amount of jewels offered today.


Engagement rings


It is also worth noting that the process of selection of the right engagement ring directly depends on one's budget. However, women rarely mind the cost of jewels, especially if it concerns the happiest day of their life. Despite classics is always in fashion, some ladies choose alternative styles, gemstones and metals in their desire to look irresistible. There are several celebrities who have parted with traditional styles. Mary-Kate Olsen, Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Wilde are among them.


A non-traditional engagement ring called "Pokeball"


Here is a list of the latest trends that will help you decide while choosing the most suitable jewel.

  1. The vintage ring

This style supposes a very elegant and sophisticated design. It will be perfect for old-school romantics, whether it is made in the art-deco style or it is a family heirloom.


Vintage engagement rings


  1. The bohemian ring

The bohemian ring is suitable for free-spirited women. Rough diamonds and flowing shapes are often a part of such engagement jewels.


Bohemian engagement rings


  1. The minimalist ring

A perfect match for a shy and modest young lady can be the minimalist ring. This design will never go out of style due to its simplicity and subtlety.


A minimalist diamond engagement ring


  1. The diamond ring with a twist

Trendy diamond rings incorporate pink, yellow and grey diamonds. They can be considered traditional but thanks to their innovative design they are still at the peak of fashion.


A twist engagement ring made of white gold and incorporating a diamond


  1. The unique colored gemstone

Colored gemstones used in producing rings can be of all possible hues. They are really eye-catching because of their shine. Emerald, topaz and tourmaline are the most popular nowadays.

with colored

Engagement rings with colored gemstones


  1. The quirky ring

Buying an engagement ring of a bizarre form will show that you have a unique style. An unusual shape and colorful gemstones of the jewel will help you look mind-blowing.


Quirky engagement rings


  1. The bling-hater

A bling-hater’s delight is bands with creative metal work. This style is suitable for ladies who are bored with traditional bridal standards and prefer graceful flows and quiet colors at the same time.


A bling-hater's engagegemnt ring

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