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worst bridesmaid dresses

Secrets of the bridesmaids from the bride herself

About 1,000 bridesmaids were interviewed online vashi.com and found that going on behind the scenes. It's unbelievable, but that's what we found out.
70% of respondents admitted girlfriends they wore specially disgusting dress to the bride looked delightful in their background.


B. Dominguez, known jeweler and founder Vashi.com, said: "" We all looked at the photos from the wedding and thought, 'What shall we wear girlfriend !? " And now it is clear. This female solidarity. I am sure that most brides do not see it. According to them, they would be bride and choose for yourself. The whims of the bride were in first place for them. Brides should enjoy the process of fitting and their girlfriends to think what dress will suit better. "


wedding girfriends
Here's additional survey information. I'll comment on this situation.

Bad wedding dresses
Poll bridesmaids and brides, Vashi

It seems that the bride does not value the friendship, if you put their interests above all else!

72% of women see the absurdity in their outfits. Oops.
Every fifth woman asked to change her outfit.

1/3 girlfriends dressed up voluntarily in a bad evening dresses.

43% of girls said that brides have no sense of taste and style, and only 9% admitted that they envied the bride's dress.

37% saw the inappropriateness of the bride and groom wedding turn into a farce.

54% blabbed that would not want a husband such a man as the groom at the wedding.
20% say they create a compelling cost sham marriages.

6% for the first time saw the bride groom.


If you have similar stories, I ask you to tell us about them in the comments below.

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