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Wedding rings are now

Wedding rings are now more than just a piece of jewelry. A ring speaks of your innermost desires and retains an everlasting impression of the memorable day. No wonder fashion-conscious couples are crazy about the details of wedding rings. A few years ago, most couples were content with 10K rings. But modern twosomes cannot think of buying anything less than 14K.

Nevertheless, a simple diamond ring is still the most cherished gift for any bride or groom. But being on the expensive side, diamond wedding rings are hardly the most affordable options. So many couples just settle for the less expensive gold and silver rings.

Have a look at some other metals, like the increasingly popular white gold, or platinum wedding rings. Platinum as a metal is costlier even than gold, but to obtain the same platinum silvery effect, many couples prefer white gold rings at a fraction of the cost.


Deciding which wedding ring will best suit your taste is a matter of personal choice. Not only brides, even grooms are also quite choosy about their wedding rings, though a groom’s choice is usually less elaborate, and most grooms prefer the sophisticated, well-designed platinum or titanium wedding rings.

While deciding, it is better to know your priorities. If you prefer a fashionable, sculptured ring to plain ones, prices will be higher. Do you want a simple diamond ring or a colored one? Colored diamonds are also now in high demand. The main colors imparted to these diamonds are blue, yellow and aquamarine.

Once you are decided about the exact variety of the ring you would like to buy, just visit some web portals. You will see a design catalog of all the wedding ring sets. You can select the design and customize your ring with the gems that you always longed to possess.

Even ordinary retail stores give you myriad choices. However, an investment of a lifetime cannot just be any wedding ring available in the market. It has to be something extraordinary. So take some time off from your daily schedule and go on the hunt for your dream ring!

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